Bring routing optimization into your order chaos
On time order delivery is a challenge for a business in a big city. Whether you sell clothes in an online store, deliver burgers or fuel to gas stations, you will encounter traffic jams, repairs and road accidents. Couriers are late, customers get annoyed, and you lose money every day. Our routing solution is made to help with such issues.
Let's start within a day
Ready-to-use module helps to optimize your delivery operations immediately. Import orders to our software, put your settings, start working in dispatching and planning interface. Your driver will see his tasks in app.
Connect algorithm to your software
We know all disadvantages of using the Zoo of many systems. If you are already using in-house software, you can just integrate our algorithms and get perfectly working solution without any user's pain.
Become as much flexible as possible
Prepare delivery tasks for couriers in advance to make sure that all orders will find customers on time
On Demand
Working with express delivery just make sure that nearest available courier will get order automatically
Now having scheduled plans is not a problem to get additional express orders in available hours.
Select Map Service You Like Most
Accurate map services is the basis of high quality routing. We have integrations with Yandex, Google, Bing, Open Street Maps. Just define which one is the best in your country / city and it will be used for making magic.
Traffic jam data works for you
Using historical data about moevements, machine learning and long-term statistics, Alvario can build a model of the current situation on the roads and give a reliable forecast of traffic jams for the required time in the future.
AI/ML for improving perfomance
Machine learning extracts a useful signal from a large amount of data, improving the accuracy of travel time, using many others parameters. Distributed computing allows you to handle large and complex requests in a split second.
Ready To Unlock The Power Of Alvario's Platform to Get All Potential For Last-Mile Delivery Transformation?
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