Bring more power to your business by using your own BI-dashboards
Alvario collect every traction of your business activity in the platform, which gives opportunity to analyze it as you can imagine and without coding.

Asking questions or writing a query
Everything is based around questions and answers. Get questions about your data, and display answers in formats that make sense, whether that's a bar graph or a detailed table.
Building customized dashboard
Have a few key performance indicators that you want to be able to easily check? Make a dashboard featuring questions that show your key metrics and share it with your team.
Sharing updates with pulses
The Pulses feature gives you the ability to automatically send regular updates to your teammates to help everyone keep track of changes to the metrics that matter to you most. You can deliver a pulse via email or Slack, on the schedule of your choice.
Getting alerts
Whether you're keeping track of orders, deliveries, or cancellations, there are often times when you want to be alerted about something. Alvario has a few different kinds of alerts you can set up, and you can choose to be notified via email or Slack.

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