Alvario is the data-driven AI Platform engine with focus on last-mile delivery

Our self-driving system will do most of routine delivery tasks - optimizing driver's routes and making customer service.
Improving the loyalty of your customers, we optimize your costs and fleet efficiency.
Ready-to-use interface
Helping to start with your delivery operations immediately. Import orders to our software, put your settings, start working in dispatching and planning interface. Your driver will see his tasks in app.
Embedding to your software via API
Helping not to use the Zoo of different systems. If you are already using in-house software, you can just integrate our algorithms and get perfectly working solution without any user's pain.

Alvario has helped these fine folks to transform
their business with our AI logistics engine.

How it works?
E-commerce is growing rapidly, there are many competitors coming to the market. One of the most important challenges is focusing on customer service without sacrificing operational efficiency.

At Alvario, we are creating a software service that optimizes last mile delivery. Our service allows your customers to have more flexibility of choice, transparency, prompt communication. At the same time, the dispatcher will not have a headache from the fact of making a lot of agreements between the courier and the customer, rescheduling routes, postpone the delivery time or address, send messages, phone calls, etc.

With the help of AI assistant the system interacts autonomously via calling or messaging with customers at every stage of the order's life cycle based on optimizing the routes of your couriers and drivers in real time. We use machine learning technology to continually improve fleet efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Let's make some innovations happen
Up to 80% more positive reviews
  • Agreed delivery time with customer
  • Accurate delivery time intervals
  • Flexible change option
  • Real-time delivery status
  • Proactive feedback
Increase staff efficiency up to 30%
  • Reducing late arrivals and idle trips
  • Optimal planning for loading couriers and drivers based on a variety of parameters (schedule, processing time, vehicle type, additional stops, etc.)
Cut-off in staff costs up to 70%
  • Automated customer service based on AI, ML, NLP technologies
  • Significant reduction of routine tasks (manual changes, planning, distribution, adjustments)

Delivery routing optimization for couriers and drivers
The dispatcher can distribute orders to the drives and couriers automatically, prepare the routes. Optimization algorithms will take into account locations, delivery time slots, order type, work schedule and other parameters.
Intellegent assistance
A smart AI-assistant will contact your customer by itself, notify about changes, reschedule delivery time or answer customer questions. Communication is possible both through a phone call and popular social messengers, sms.
Regular feedback
Your team will be able to participate in dialogues, get valuable information about the delivery service or order, courier work. This will improve the quality of service or delivery SLA.
Real-time tracking
Customers will not be nervous waiting for the courier to contact them, coming to the delivery address. The location of the courier can be transferred to any customer app with an estimated time of arrival. Otherwise, the customer will be able to ask a question to a smart assistant.
Real-time routing adjustments
If the customer cancel the order, cannot accept it at the agreed time, ask to postpone delivery to another day, the smart assistant will make adjustments to the courier's route and order details by itself.
Operational data insights
Analytics collects a lot of operational data for improving algorithms and making decisions more efficient for last mile delivery operations. If something can be measured, then it can be managed and controlled.
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