Alvario is the data-driven AI Platform engine with focus on last-mile delivery

We are building a "last-mile exchange" platform that drives delivery decisions and allows retailers and transportation providers to collectively shape delivery demand and adjust continually to the inherent variability of the last mile.

Urgent action is required to prepare for the immediate adoption of new last-mile delivery
Your customers receive one package with a new shoes from the Carrier 1 on Tuesday morning, a package of beauty supplies from Carrier 2 a few hours later, a book delivered by Carrier 3 on Wednesday, and a box of groceries from Carrier 4 on Friday. It's easy to appreciate the inherent inefficiencies in these four delivery trips.
Imagine, that a transportation provider could deliver all four of those packages from one truck, in one trip, at one time. Efficiency would soar, and per-package shipping costs would be roughly 50 percent lower, which could result in lower costs for consumers and higher margins for retailers, transportation providers or both.
How does it work?
Alvario brings delivery data, systems, processes and participants together to drive greater certainty, flexibility, and automation into e-commerce business and customer loaylty.
We make seamless integrations without pain for existing software, provide alternatives to fill the gaps in processes.
We collect decentralized data of routing, fleets, inventory and others, then consolidate it, prepare for rocket science.
We use mathematical algorithms to see whether there are some opportunity to make something better with the help of ML.
We finalize optimization case with a series of actions, tasks, updates int the field management systems real-time
For Retailers
Higher margins with lower delivery prices
Easy way to design delivery network
Increased customer loyalty
Bring control and transparency
Improves inventory flow
Low internal IT investment
For Delivery
Higher margins with more orders and lower costs
Easy access to e-commerce community
Simplify retailers interaction
Increases operational efficiencies and utilization
Automates routing processes & compliance
Low TMS / FMS investments
Start working on your future today
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